21 Day Fix – Day 3!


Today the workout on the schedule was Lower Fix. Now be forewarned, your legs probably haven’t fully recovered from Monday and now Autumn is going completely destroy them. But hey, it’s all in the name of firm legs, buns and thighs, right?

For this 30 minute exercise you will need a set of weights or resistance bands and a mat as the last round of exercises will be done on the floor. There are 4 rounds, 2 exercises lasting 60 seconds each and repeated once per round. You will be squating, lunging and sweating your way through with 20 second breaks between exercises. OH! And just when you think it’s all over, you get a BONUS exercise for an additional 2 minutes to make sure your legs are complete jello before stretching you out and sending you on what is hopefully a stair free day.

And now, my food for Day 3:


001Ye olde standby, Chocolate Shakeology (red container) with water and ice. YUM!







Snack #1:

001Thought I would change things up a bit and today decided on 2 hard boiled eggs (red container) and some sweet red peppers (green container).




004Today I decided on a tuna sandwich, which thrilled my cats who got to eat what wouldn’t fit in the red container. Oh joy of joys! Tuna (red container), one slice of Ezekiel bread, toasted (yellow container), a little bit of mayo just to dampen and hold the tuna together and add a bit of zip (1/2 orange container), and some diced watermelon (purple container). Now at first I though, “I’m basically making 1/2 a sandwich, this won’t fill me up”. But you’re filling up on protein instead of carbs. Completely satisfied and full after.

Snack #2:

006Apple (purple container) and peanut butter (2 tsps). Yawn, I know, but it’s so yummy.






006Chicken Fajitas and salad! Cooked in my Pampered Chef covered baker that I go on about! Chicken (red container), tortilla (yellow container), peppers, onions and salad (2 green containers) and dressing (1/2 orange container).


And there you have it! Day 3 in the bag. You certainly can’t say I’m starving.

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2 Responses to 21 Day Fix – Day 3!

  1. You are not suppose to have mayo or honey dijon. Also, red potatoes? That is not on the program.

    • I make both my mayo and dressings fresh. If you look at the 21 Day Fix there is a recipe included for a Balsamic Vinaigrette which includes dijon and mustard. Mine is a slightly altered version. Potatoes are also ok and count as a yellow container.

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