21 Day Fix – The Containers



I received my copy of the 21 Day Fix last week, and although my Challenge group doesn’t start until the 17th I couldn’t resist taking it for a spin.

What makes this program unique is the coloured containers (seen in the picture above).  These containers are designed to take the guesswork out of weight loss. Each coloured container corresponds to a different food group. If it fits, you can eat it.

What first crossed my mind when I opened my containers was “boy they seem small”, followed by the realization that we have a very distorted view of portion sizes.  Think about ordering a meal in a restaurant. We are probably given about 3x the amount that we should actually eat. We see this as normal. Also, think of the ratio on that plate. Meat and carbs take up most of the plate, while veggies take up a small corner. Is it any wonder most of us do not know how much we should eat and of what?

The containers completely eliminate counting calories, weighing, measuring and best of all how much of each food group. It’s the answer to my prayers, the missing piece of the puzzle.

So how do they work exactly?

First thing you are going to do is calculate your required calorie intake per day. “But you said no counting calories”. Don’t worry, you won’t have to, but you do have to know how much fuel your body needs.  Once you have your number you will refer to your guide to find your daily allotment of the fixed colour coded containers and list of foods by coloured container that you can use to fill them!

Use your worksheets included with your program to track your containers. Along the top you will place your daily allotment for each colour (as laid out for you based on your required calories) and then mark it off when you’ve eaten it. I find it really easy to plan and pack my containers the night before so all my food is ready and perfectly portioned. If you are like me and work out of the house, you will probably want to order an additional set of containers.

Below are the tracking sheets (additional sheets can be printed off at the Beachbody website). The are easy to use and make planning so simple! There is even an area to track your water.



Want to find out more or order your copy? Just click HERE!

Next I will look at the workout programs and give a little overview of what you can expect!

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