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3-Day Refresh – Day 3


I decided to wait until the day after so I could post my outcome and my overall thoughts of Beachbody’s 3-Day Refresh.

A quick rundown of day 3:

  • 1o ounces of water upon waking
  • Breakfast: Tropical shakeology + fruit option. I had fresh strawberries and ate them separately
  • Green tea
  • Fiber Sweep
  • Vanilla fresh, raspberries, cucumber and avocado
  • Snack: Cucumber and avocado
  • Dinner: Vanilla Fresh, asparagus w/almond slices (this was very good, and will be going into regular rotation)
  • Peppermint tea w/stevia

Done! Day 3 was by far the easiest day, even with the anticipation of getting back to my 21 Day Fix meal plan in the morning.

Overall I never felt sluggish, I was never starving and I still had enough energy to do some PiYo workouts. The fact that you can do workouts with the 3-Day Refresh, something you can’t do with the Ultimate Reset, was a bonus to me.

I weighed myself the morning after and I was down 5.7 pounds! Crazy. And I’ve noticed 2 things throughout the day.

  1. Ordered my usual coffee in the morning. I cannot express my excitement to have a cup of coffee again. What I found was the way I normally would take it was too sweet and the cream bothered me! I couldn’t even finish it. Will have to adjust tomorrow and see how that goes. This is a good thing.
  2. I have a renewed focus on my eating. I want to keep this momentum going. Another good thing.

I won’t lie, getting through those 3 days was tough, but I’m glad I took the plunge!

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3-Day Refresh – Day 2


A quick rundown of day 2:

  • 1o ounces of water upon waking
  • Breakfast: Tropical shakeology + fruit option. I had fresh blackberries and ate them separately
  • Green tea
  • Fiber Sweep
  • Vanilla fresh, strawberries, baby carrots and avocado
  • Snack: sliced red peppers and avocado
  • Dinner: Vanilla Fresh, cucumber and tomato salad
  • Peppermint tea w/stevia

In addition, lots and lots of water.

Today seemed easier than yesterday. I didn’t wake up hungry, felt satisfied after the meals, though I find I get a bit hungry after 8:00, and not the typical boredom hunger. I’m drinking enough water to know it’s not thirst. It is a big adjustment going from 1400 calories to 900. Interestingly, I’m not lacking energy. I was able to get through a PiYo workout no problem and do some housework.

Day 2 down, one more to go!

3-Day Refresh – Day 1


So today begins my 3-Day Cleanse journey.

Upon waking you are to drink 8-10 ounces of water. Water fires up your metabolism, hydrates you, helps your body flush out toxins, gives your brain fuel, and may even make you eat less. Luckily for me, I’m always super thirsty in the morning. So drinking it is a snap!

014First meal of the day is Shakeology + a fruit option. The fruit option can be blended into your Shakeology. I added some frozen blackberries to my Tropical Shakeology.





A little later I had a 8 ounce up of green tea. The tea is optional, but considering I’ve had to give up coffee for 3 days, it’s almost a necessity.

015Mid-morning brings my first Fiber Sweep. Looks awful, doesn’t it? The taste isn’t too bad. Seems to have a hint of citrus to it. I won’t be craving it any time soon, but it’s drinkable.





It should be mentioned that each step is done an hour or more apart from each other.


020Lunch! This time consisted of a Vanilla Fresh shake, baby carrots, an apple and 2 tbsp of avocado (not pictured here as it was on route back from the grocery store via the helpful hubby).

I was pretty hungry at this point. Not starving, but hungry. This actually satisfied my hunger.



Afterwards I did Define: Lower Body from PiYo. I had plenty of energy to get through it.  Mid-afternoon snack consisted of cucumber and more avocado.


022Finally dinner! Another glass of Vanilla Fresh Shake and  a carrot-seaweed salad sans the seaweed from the dinner recipe of the book. Simple.



Finished off with a cup of peppermint tea for the day.

So my thoughts. I’m not hungry, per se, I do however feel like snacking which I  attribute to drinking most of my meals. No coffee is also a struggle for me. But it’s only 3 days right?

Onwards to day 2!


3-Day Refresh


What is the 3-Day Refresh?

The 3-Day Refresh is designed for those looking for a fast, clean break-to drop a few pounds in a hurry, break through a plateau or break some bad habits.

This gentle cleanse consists of three daily shakes, a fiber drink, plenty of filtered water, plus a wide array of fruits, veggies, and healthy fats throughout the day to keep your energy and metabolism going.

Though the plan is simple, it offers many alternatives, including some creative ways to prepare your meals, so you’ll see that you can actually enjoy eating healthy food without having to season it in ways that can damage your health and undermine your weight-loss goals.

What is included?

  1. Shakeology
    It’s your daily dose of dense super-food nutrition. Shakeology has 70  different healthy ingredients mixed together to offer you the best possible nutritional meal. Your body is getting all the nutrients it needs.
  2. Vanilla Fresh Shake
    This patent-pending, high protein vanilla shake not only helps satisfy your hunger throughout the 3-Day Refresh, it delivers the essential nutrition your body needs for healthy weight loss.
  3. Fiber Sweep Drink
    With it’s scientific formulated blend of soluble and insoluble fibers, this patent-pending fiber drink gently and naturally eliminates waste from your digestive system, while supporting healthy intestinal flora.

What would a typical day look like on the 3-Day Refresh?

  1. Wake up: Drink 8-12 ounces of filtered water
  2. Breakfast (within an hour of waking): Shakeology plus a fruit option
  3. Mid-Morning: Fiber Sweep
  4. Lunch: Vanilla Fresh plus options from the fruit, vegetable and healthy fat list provided with the program
  5. Afternoon Snack: From the fruit, vegetable or juice options list.
  6. Dinner: Vanilla Fresh plus a delicious meal made from the dinner recipes list included.

Can I exercise during the 3-Day Refresh?

  • YES! Mild to moderate exercise during the 3-Day is recommended. Can you hammer out a harder program? Probably, but the 3-Day Refresh will use your energy more effectively to help clean up your system if you’re not. You many want to put your copy of Insanity way for a couple days.

How do I get my 3-Day Refresh kit?

Day 1 starts tomorrow!